About us

Nico Berno's Iris Agency in Castelfranco Veneto has already celebrated its 50th anniversary.

It was the first real estate agency to start its own business in the dynamic city of the Treviso area in a historical time in which only street brokers were operating.

It was opened in 1969 by the owner, Nico Berno, who immediately realized that the mediator was turning into a real professional figure. He initially carried out the activity of road accidents but soon, in the light of his considerations, he specialized in real estate brokerage work thus transforming the business agency Iris into a real estate agency.

In 1972 he moved the headquarters, which appeared to be too small, from the very central Via Garibaldi to the current Via Vittorio Veneto, where it is still located today.

In his industrious professional career, he opened new Iris branches in various municipalities and was a great teacher for many collaborators including his eldest son Maurizio who, after university, chose to follow in his father's footsteps.

Today Nico Berno, thanks to his long experience, can guarantee the utmost seriousness and reliability in dealing with any type of property, from prestigious villas to large companies, from industrial warehouses to agricultural land and more.

Even now, a close-knit team of professionals works alongside him, able to satisfy any request by providing customers with all their expertise and courtesy. Seriousness, reliability and cordiality are therefore the winning cards of the Iris agency in Castelfranco, which has always been on the market to assist its customers with dedication.